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Self Drive Cars in India

The concept of self-drive cars is relatively new to India. However, it is an established industry in the west. Zoomcar introduced the idea in 2013.

What is self-drive?

Self-drive cars do not come with a chauffeur. You can pick up a self-drive car and drive it yourself.
Self-drive provides you with the flexibility to choose a car of your choice. It gives you the freedom of an own vehicle without the associated hassles of maintenance, servicing and insurance costs.

If you are a frequent traveller shutting between different cities, a self-drive car will be a boon as you can zoom out of the airport on a self-drive car. You can later drop it back at the airport before you fly out.

There are also subscription-based services. You can choose and use the car of your choice for a longer duration. Self-drive car subscription packages are affordable and come with the flexibility to select duration varying from 1 month to a year. These subscriptions can be renewed.

If you regularly commute to your office on cabs, then a self-drive subscription will work out to be cheaper.

Pros of self-drive cars:

1) Freedom to select a vehicle of your choice.
2) Flexible packages varying from daily to monthly or even annual plans.
3) No hassle of maintenance, servicing and associated costs.
4) Limited liability on unintended damages and accidents and road-side assistance in case of break downs.

Cons of self-drive cars:

1) There are penalties and fines for delayed return of the vehicle and extra kilometers driven.
2) Though most providers maintain the cars in good shape, at times you can be unlucky.
3) Unavailability of the car of your choice.
4) In the unexpected event of a delay in handover of the vehicle to you, it can impact your travel plans.

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