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5 Gifting Ideas for Men That Will Take Your Gift Giving Up A Notch

Gifting Ideas for Men

Are you wondering what to gift your father, brother, friend or husband?

Gifting is an art. It is a representation of how well you know someone, and in some way, shows how much you care for them. A gift is also a way to bring out your personality. No one would like to receive a boring gift, give a gift that embodies the relationship that you have with the person. Here is where you can get creative.

Selecting gift for men is easy, is a common myth. Sure, if you want a buy something off the shelf without much thought put into it then yes, it is easy. However, if you wish to build an ever-lasting bond with the person receiving the gift then ensure to select something special.

All of us love receiving gifts, but it becomes difficult when we are to select a gift for our loved ones.

The philosophy of gifting

Yes, you heard that right. Gifting is an art and there is a philosophy involved in it. Before buying a gift for that special person, an awesome colleague or your best friend, there are a couple of things you should know. The idea behind gifting should be to make the recipient feel special. So, before you buy a gift, here are some things to keep in mind.

1. It is the thought that counts

Does it sound cliché? It is the truth. A gift is to make the person receiving it feel special, not just about themselves but also about their relationship with you. Putting some extra thought into any gift that represents the bond between you will go a long way. You can use this principle while gifting irrespective of gender.

2. What does he love?

Not all men are the same, so are their likes and dislikes. Taking this into consideration while buying a gift can be very helpful. Note down all the things the person likes and for good measure all the things that they do not like. Doing this will give you a clear starting point when picking out the perfect gift. Brainstorm and brainstorm hard on what can be some creative and of course thoughtful gifts you can give them based on this likes and dislikes.

3. Make it relevant to their hobbies

Understanding what their hobbies are can help a lot while selecting a gift. For an avid traveller consider gifting a backpack, a travel kit or a holiday package. Is he interested in photography? Consider gifting him a tripod, camera accessories, polaroid or even a camera if your budget permits. This way your gift becomes a meaningful part of their lives.

4. Needs vs Wants

This is not just applicable while shopping for Men’s gift, this is applicable for all. Should you gift what he/she needs? or should you be gifting what he/she wants? Wants are mostly tied to a person love for somethings, for instance, his love for music makes him want a new guitar or his love for photography makes him want a new camera. We think gifting someone what they want is a special way of showing you listen and care. Again, this is just a personal suggestion, the debate between whether you should gift what a person needs or what a person wants is something that has been going on for decades. We leave the decision to you here.

5. Add a pinch of suspense

Surprises are always fun. Put a smile on his face by giving a small surprise and make the gifting an experience he is sure to remember for a long time to come.

6. Adding a little bit of you

Make the recipient feel you have put some thought into the gift. The beauty of gifting is never just about the gift itself; it is also about cherishing the relationship the person has with you. So, feel free to give something personalized adding a touch of your personality to it. You can add a note, or you can give them something handcrafted, for example.

Here are five gifting ideas for men that will make your gift stand out from the rest.

5 Gifting Ideas for Men

1. SYSKA Aqua Trim Pro Styling Kit 

SYSKA Aqua Trim Pro Styling Kit
SYSKA Aqua Trim Pro Styling Kit

Who does not like to look their best? This all in one trimmer comes with nine precision trimmers for the perfect look.

2. Travel gear from VIP

VIP Blue Toiletry Bag (KITCRTYHBLU)

This travel gear from VIP is not just stylish but is also very spacious and sturdy. It will be a good gift for anyone who loves travelling.

3. Men’s wallet from Fossil

Fossil men's wallet
Fossil Men’s wallet

This 100% leather wallet from Fossil combines both style and utility. He will love this.

4. Blazer from Jack and Jones

Men Blue Solid Slim Fit Single Breasted Casual Blazer from Jack and Jones
Casual Blazer from Jack and Jones

How about a casual blazer?

5. Aviator from Ray-Ban

Gift a pair of aviators from Ray-Ban
Aviator from Ray-Ban

A classic aviator from Ray-Ban is sure to bring a smile on his face.

If you are unsure of his likes and dislikes then present him a gift voucher instead. Gift vouchers are a great option when you are in doubt. It will give him the flexibility to choose what he loves.

As per a study, spending money on others promote happiness. The happiness that you derive from the knowledge that the recipient values the gift is immense. We hope we have been able to help you decide on what to gift. If you have a different suggestion or if we have been able to help you decide, please drop us a comment below.

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