9 Recommendations to write a compelling product description that clicks.

write a product description that clicks

What is a Product description? 

In laymen terms, a product description is that part of the product listing which explains to its potential buyers the relevant details about the product, what is it’s advantages, how it is used and in what terms it is better than it’s competition and why to choose it over anything else. A product description is the most critical part of the product listing as its purpose is to educate the buyer about the product, explain what it has to offer, and how it is the right and possibly the ideal product for them. 

How to write a compelling product description that clicks?

In recent decades the e-commerce shopping experience has shifted the traditional buyers towards the more convenient “click and buy” alternative. This new change in consumer behaviour has opened ways for new players and preferably conventional sellers to join the e-commerce market. Unlike traditional shops, everyone on the internet has enough space to sell and prosper. And with modern technology and the latest inventions contributing to faster product replacement and multiple alternatives, the competition in the online market, as well as the retail market, is rampant than ever. This new paradigm has made the consumer, a king, and has given him the option to choose what he buys and from where he can shop. In such a competitive setting, it becomes crucial that a product reaches its consumer base with its full potential. That’s when it becomes essential for a seller to describe their product at its best. 

A good product description shall achieve all these agendas and help the consumer understand and trust the product better. Alongside this, there are other important points to incorporate while writing a product description SEO

A sample product description from Amazon for Timex Expedition.
A sample product description from Amazon for Timex Expedition explaining the Brand and what makes Timex Expedition special.

 1. Establishing brand value: A good product description not only tells the potential buyer about the product, but it also shows the buyer about what kind of brand it belongs to. When consumers buy a product from someone they trust, they are more likely to purchase the product and give recurring business to the seller. A good product description uses that goodwill of the brand to promote the product and establish a sense of brand value in their customers. 

 2.  Attract new customers: As mentioned before, a good product description is the written alternative of a high sales pitch. And what does a great sales pitch do, it sells. A good description should easily convince a new buyer or a confused buyer to choose the product. Just like the sales pitch, a good product description drives on the merits and the advantages of the product to attract and create a new consumer base. 

 3. Target the consumer base: Every product is ideally designed to meet the needs of a particular group or a consumer segment. A good product description should hit the bull’s eye and convey to its consumer base about the reliance and the advantages of the product. Any story that does not connect with its primary consumers should be reconsidered.

 4. Provide an alternative value proposition: Not all potential buyers are from the direct consumer base; some are looking for an alternative or a substitute for their favourite brand or product. A good product description puts forth an alternative value proposition to these buyers and helps in expanding the overall market share of the product. 

 5. Encourage the buyers: No matter how well crafted one’s product description is, if it’s not turning a potential buyer into a sold customer, then it’s not a good product description. The most basic reason to write a product description is to make a potential customer curious about the project and encourage them through features and value propositions to buy the product. Excellent product descriptions not only support the potential customer to make the purchase but also ignites curiosity in the non-potential customers. 

 6. Leaving no room for doubts: Educating potential customers not only requires to tell them about the product but all about what they might want to know about the product. When buyers have multiple and better options to browse through, they don’t settle for anything less than the absolute best, and if your product description does not answer to their queries, then they might want to look away. Therefore, a good product description has all the answers relating to the product. 

7. Keeping it short: Nobody likes to read paragraphs full of unrelated pieces of information, thus, keeping it short and well informed is as important. Brevity is the key when it comes to writing a good product description that clicks with the ultimate buyer. Write only the required amount to describe the product, avoid jargons, and choose words that are understandable by the milieu. 

8. Keep in touch: Keeping in touch with your buyers will help to build trust and respect for your brand. Be supportive of their suggestions, complaints and queries. Remember, retaining a customer is much less expensive than creating a new customer.

9. Be truthful: Lastly, the most important thing while writing a product description is to be accurate to the potential consumer about the product. It is not only essential to maintain the integrity of the brand, but also to maintain the trust of the consumer on the entire business ecosystem. 

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