5 ways to keep fit, while you work from home.

Keep fit while you work from home

Work from home is the new norm, prepare your body for the new norm.

The pandemic has affected the lives of millions of working professionals worldwide with the work-from-home culture. Professionals have had to shift their entire working style to their home surroundings, and this change still needs getting used to for the most. 

However, while working from home can be a tad bit boring without the usual coffee breaks with your colleagues or the chat by the water cooler, it has become a necessity, with plenty of companies even forgoing their current offices to save on funds. Many IT companies have found the pandemic to be a boon because they’ve been able to extract more work from their employees from home while also saving money on infrastructure and maintenance.

More people than ever are working from home and if you’re trying to adjust to the new normal, don’t worry, you’re not alone. You require new routines to keep yourself busy and adapt to this life. 

Exercise – the means to a routine

One of the best ways to do that is enforcing tiny fitness breaks to keep yourself occupied. If you were used to walking from your office table to the lunch spot near your office, now you need to implement a newer strategy. If the gym is closed for a few more months, you need to integrate home workouts.

Exercising is one of the best ways to get yourself into a routine and keep yourself occupied and mentally happy as well. Here’s how you can stay fit while working from home –

1. Set stretching and water alarms

One of the most prominent activities plenty of us miss out on is drinking water regularly for the day. We need 2 litres of water every day to stay hydrated and healthy, and you can do that now you’re home. Sitting for long hours in front of the system is sure to get you all thirsty, so keep a small alarm every half an hour to one hour and take a sip.

Also, while you’re at it, do a bit of stretching on your desk as well. It’ll rejuvenate your bones and also give you a bit of energy back. Stretch your arms and legs and do a little jog around your home if possible to get the blood circulating all over the body. If you have a wearable watch and fitness tracker, use it to give you the breaks you need as it will tell you when to stand up and stretch for a bit.

2. Workout from home 

Working out is an essential activity you need to follow to keep yourself fit and also in good physical shape. A lot of us miss the gym, but it’s vital not to use that as an excuse to be unfit. There are plenty of workouts you could do just sitting at home, and it’ll serve you in good stead for those long hours in front of the computer. Get yourself a yoga mat and if possible, a few light weights and that’s all you need.

Here’s how you can integrate an intense workout from home regimen

Situps and squats

Squats can strengthen your leg muscles.

There’s no better exercise to get your lower body healthy and going. Situps and squats can help you sweat and also strengthen your leg muscles. It’s also the perfect exercise to do if you’re looking to lose weight around your hip area and following it every day will more than do justice to your workout goals.

Make sure you set a goal and do these situps and squats. Squats are better because they target the lower pelvic region, thighs and buttocks. You could start with situps if you’re finding squats hard and then transition into the squat position. Set a goal and smash it every two to three days, and you’re good to go!

You could use household items as weights to give yourself a more significant challenge. Use rice bags, bowls or even water bottles to help you out. 

Push-ups and pull-ups

Exercises for your upper body, push-ups-ups and pull-ups keep you fit and ready to take on any amount of work hours. The push-ups are guaranteed to give you a stronger chest, triceps and shoulders for those long hours typing it out while pull-ups can strengthen your neck, lower back and abdomen.

If you don’t have a pull-up bar at home, you can either order one online or just simply place a cloth at the edge of a ledge and do your pull-ups.


Skipping is another fun activity you could do in your home or the basement if you have one. A good skipping rope should last you for years and also allow you to mix it up. Skipping is one of the best exercises to lose large chunks of weight within a short period. You can also integrate cross-skipping and other methods to improve your balance.

If you’re seriously into working out, skipping is the best way to warm your body up for a round of the workout. Try to increase the count by around 100 every day and hit the target to feel accomplished truly.


Planks strengthens the abdomen muscles.

Planks are another popular form of exercise for anyone who wants to lose weight around their abdomen region. You could do planks to tighten the muscles around your belly and also help you lose weight overall. Grab a yoga mat and you are good to go. It’s an exercise that requires mental strength as well, as you try to hold the posture for a duration of time.

3. How to maintain a good sitting posture 

Correct sitting posture.
How to sit at desk when using a computer.

A good sitting posture is paramount if you want to have a productive day, working from home. It isn’t too difficult to maintain a good sitting position if you want to. Here’s how you can maintain a good sitting posture

  • Keep your feet flat or even rest the on the floor
  • Avoid crossing ankles or knees
  • Maintain a gap between the chair and the back of the knees
  • Position your knees at a position that’s at an equal height or even lower than your hips
  • Place your ankles right in front of your knees
  • Relax your shoulders

Maintaining good posture ensures your essential parts are appropriately aligned and surrounded by the right muscle tension amount. The correct position can reduce strain on your body during exercise and movement, reduce wear and tear on muscles, joints and ligaments and also help in maintaining the right balance while exercising and moving too. 

4. Healthy foods 

There is definitely one thing that you are missing out while working from home, Sun. Since most of us are locked inside our apartments and busy with the work schedules we rarely get enough of Sun and Vitamin D as a result. We should make sure that our diet makes up for this miss. Eating right is essential when you work from home, and there’s no substitute for healthy eating, cooked right at home. Include a good source of Vitamin C and Vitamin D in your daily diet. While Vitamin D strengthens bones and improves immunity, Vitamin C has antioxidant properties and helps keep skin and blood vessels healthy. Here are some of the most robust food options you can make.

Boiled egg sandwich and fruits

One of the best ways to start your day is with a boiled egg sandwich. The egg gives you the protein you need to energize yourself for the rest of the day while the bread gives you the fibre you require to digest. Include fresh orange juice in your breakfast as it is a rich source of both Vitamin C and D.

Lime juice

Starting or ending your day with a bit of lime juice is always a good option because it cleanses your inner system and also gives you good bacteria. Your body will feel better, and you could also make it overnight and place it in the fridge so you can enjoy it cold and delicious. Lime/lemon is a rich source of vitamin C.

Grilled chicken

You can even make grilled chicken at home to allow you the right kind of protein before you work out. Grilled chicken can be made more comfortable with the help of a lightly bottomed tawa and the right spices. You should also marinate the chicken overnight to ensure the taste seeps in, and you’ll be thankful the next day.

Chole and rajma

 These are two power-packed pulses and will give you a boost for the rest of the day. Pair them with veggies such as carrots and tomatoes, and you’re bound to feel light and hearty. To make them, you must soak them beforehand, so they soften up before they go into the cooker.

5. Meditation 

We can all agree that the pandemic has given us a lot of stress and tension about the future. However, we need to remain calm and carry on without letting it affect our mental health. One excellent way to keep yourself calm is through meditation. Meditation exercises are super easy to do and can be done right at home.

All you need to do is remove all of your distractions and then spend a few moments alone in the silence. The best time to do this is early in the morning, as you will feel fresh. Complete your meditation and carry on with the rest of the activities for the day. You could even meditate during the day to feel better.

These are some of the best ways you’ll be able to keep yourself fit. Make sure you get some form of exercise, meditation and eat right to tackle this pandemic with ease. 

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